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Private House with Onsen Located at Hidden Lands of Yunomine Onsen Village

Our inn is located at hidden lands of Yunomine Onsen village in Wakayama.
Although we don’t have facilities like luxurious hotels, we will welcome guests with cordial hospitality of our hostess, home-made Onsen cuisine, and the finest hot spring.

Please make yourself comfortable, feeling as if you come back to your house.


Every meal is cooked by our hostess. Mostly, we use local ingredients.
Our motto is “Serve hot meals while they are hot. Serve cold meals while they are cold.”. Please enjoy dishes that hostess cooked sincerely to your heart’s content.

*The contents of meals will vary according to ingredients we have at that day and seasons.

Kaiseki Course


This is our standard course menu.
It is a masterpiece that the hostess cooked without skimping on the extra effort.
Since she cooks meals with her pride and joy from the beginning, we can serve delicious dishes.
Starting from freshly deep-fried tempura, we serve broiled ayu fish, pork shabu-shabu, and so on. Using local ingredients, you may feel seasons of Yunomine.


Onsen Shabu-Shabu of Kumano Beef

  • しゃぶしゃぶイメージ
  • しゃぶしゃぶ前のイメージ
  • しゃぶしゃぶコースお食事全体

You can enjoy extravagant Onsen shabu-shabu that uses Kumano beef (Kumano’s premium-branded beef).

*Please make a reservation by phone in advance.


朝食全体 外国人用


Onsen Kaiseki ¥11,000~
Kumano beef Kaiseki ¥13,650~

Cancellation Policy

NO SHOW 100%
On the day 100%
1 days ago 80%
2 ~ 5 days ago 50%
6 ~ 8 days ago 30%


We are asking everyone to eat breakfast and dinner at the dinning.

Time for Meals

Dinner 17:30  Breakfast 7:30


Yunomine Onsen

Feel 1800 Years of History throughout Your Body

Yunomine Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Japan; it was discovered about 1800 years ago.
In our inn, you can enjoy the water flowing directory from Yunomine Onsen.
We don’t add water nor adjust components.

Flowers of Sulphur are Proofs of Genuineness

White objects attached on a bath tab are called “flowers of hot-spring.” It is not a stain but a natural hot spring’s component that was solidified and attached to the tab. Flowers of sulphur prove that the hot spring is natural, so please enjoy genuine hot spring.

Quality of the hot spring Bicarbonate hydrogen sulfide spring
Drinking effect Gastroenteropathy, diabetes, gout, women’s disease, etc.
Bathing effect Rheumatism, neuralgia, skin disease, diabetes

About bathing

  • 内湯イメージ
  • 内湯イメージ
  • 内湯イメージ

You can take a bath all day. Please enjoy Yunomine Onsen as time permits while staying with us.
* At our indoor bathroom, we don’t have showers.

About bath amenities

Body soap/shampoo/conditioner/hair dryer
* We don’t prepare bath towels as amenities. Please bring on your own.

Inn and Guest Rooms

NostalgicJapanese-style rooms with 4.5 tatami mats

  • 4.5畳和室イメージ
  • 4.5畳和室イメージ

Guest rooms with 4.5 tatami mats for 2 people.Wi-Fi available.

Custom-madeJapanese-style rooms

  • 4.5畳和室イメージ
  • 4.5畳和室イメージ

A little spacious rooms. From 2 to 5 people can relax.Wi-Fi available.





green tea/pot/green tea confectionary

About Our Inn


Hot spring water flows from faucets. You can drink hot water.


We are asking everyone to eat breakfast and dinner at the dining.
We serve dishes cooked sincerely by the hostess at the best timing so that you can enjoy delicious meals.

Private house Yamane

171, Yunomine, Hongu-cho, Tanabe City, Wakayama, 647-1732, Japan


Check in 15:00-19:00/Check out -9:30